You Dont Have To Respect Me , Fuck You Dont Even Have To Like Me

Here lately I have been hearing a lot about the Online Dominant and Online Trainers.
It was actually another male who is interested in taking that leap into the lifestyle and these were questions he had asked me.

In my last post I spoke a little about online Dominants but I never really got into the Submissive Trainer, or the Slave Trainer.

First I would like to say my way, my way of thinking, my way of training, my way of maintaining a healthy M’s relationship may not be for you, and I am good with that.

People feel sorry for Arianna, and for what reason I do not have a clue, nor do I care.

What I will not do nor have I ever had to, is sit behind a computer barking orders so I can fill my cup of ego up. I do not have to sit in front of a computer and jack off watching a webcam fuck Ive never had my webcam on, what is worse I don’t even know how to turn the mother fucker on.

Online Dominants or Masters for the most are all single , and there is a reason they are single. They cannot maintain who they are in person the same way they can online.

Online you can be anyone you want to be. You can change your personality around 100% and when you turn the cam off in your trailer and pop open a Pabst blue ribbon beer, and you pat yourself on the shoulder for a job well done. That is the truth.

Then we get to the almighty Slave Trainer , the online Slave trainer who no doubt lives in a trailer and brags to his friends about who and what he is. I AM A SLAVE TRAINER, I AM SINGLE BUT I AM A GOOD TRAINER.

I met such a trainer a couple of years ago, in his 40’s looking for a job working on Lawn mowers you know small engine repair. He wanted to ride his bicycle over to my place so he could give me some pointers, yes he wanted to give me some pointers on training a slave…
In the end and no I did not allow him to visit because I have just a tad bit more class than that, but he was single and had heard I knew a lot of submissive females, ahhhh now it comes out, he wanted to get laid. He wanted a piece of ass.
Now why would I introduce him to someone I knew, what would they have thought of me then ?

Yes while he did not live in a trailer, as a matter of fact he lived in a camper in his mothers back yard who was pissed because he was behind on his rent. I suppose all the lawn mowers in the country were fixed.

So you know me I have to ask , what is it you do ? What or how do you train the slave to serve ?

Well Vile I do not want to share all of my secrets but if you have someone you want me to train , I will train her for you.

Yea I am thinking not , and besides there is no place for her to sleep at your place and I am not sure if your mom would allow over night guest.

So lets say I am single and I have no time to train someone, or I don’t know what I am doing.

Just what does a Slave Trainer do ? What does an online Slave Trainer do? Maybe send nude pictures , maybe some anal training on cam ? Maybe teach the Slave how to Masturbate on cam ?

Okay so lets say a Slave Trainer is training a slave in person how is that going to fit my needs?
So maybe he teaches the slave how to suck cock, or more anal training but in person. I cannot think of one reason why someone would want a so called trainer step in for a Master.

Really we as Masters not Dominants because I have said before there is a very clear difference. If you do not believe google it or ask a Master who lives a 24/7 M’s relationship.

I train to fit my needs , I train to fit my wants , I set protocols in place, I set rules in place , which by the way have nothing to do with sex.
I provide structure , I provide stability , I provide security , I provide a stress free home because I take care of everything , and I only dish out what I know the slave can handle.
I provide clear and open communication , I also provide and open door , if something needs to be talked about.

My question is what Slave Trainer could possibly do the above for me? How does the math even come out to an even number ?

Most online Dominants have no other friends who are in the lifestyle and that goes with the Slave trainer as well.
Most are not active in the local community. Most will tell you they don’t have to be or they prefer to be alone.

Let me explain something , a room full of Dominant is fucking Jet Fuel, we need that interaction , we need our get loose time , we need to be able to communicate with others who are on the same level.
Yes it is true we also want to show off our property , and no I am not talking about short skirts with no panties , or no bra , our property , our partner, our slave

I would imagine it would be easy to gain control over someone online for a short time period, it would be easy to manipulate someone for a short time of period , and if sitting behind a computer jacking off is your way of getting off I am proud of you.

What you are doing is fucking with someones emotions , someones feelings , you are fucking with someone because you have lied and manipulated to someone about who and what you are.

You Dont Have To Respect Me , Fuck You Dont Even Have To Like Me , you do not even have to agree with me , and you may even think I don’t know what I am talking about.
You may talk about me behind my back , or I may of pissed you off, but truth be known it was not I who pissed you off , you allowed me to piss you off.

After it is all said and done , at night when I crawl in bed with Slave Arianna and I fall a sleep your still talking about me, shrugs life is good.

I find it both sad and funny when a Dom has to use manipulation to get what he wants, but when he travels that road , the road is short lived, then it is on to the next victim.

What makes it so easy to manipulate you ? It is very simple, when you first meet your actually playing cards, lets say poker.

You have this need to spill your life out to someone you really don’t even know , you spill out your whole life to a complete stranger. Even if you have been in contact on line for a month or so, or maybe you have talked on the phone, he is still a stranger.

So your playing poker and your cards are see through, but his are not. The Dominant see’s your whole hand. Now he knows how to play you, he knows what buttons to push, but more so he knows exactly what to say to you. He now knows how to get inside your head.

It is okay to share some information about yourself , but you keep your personal life at bay. You keep your problems to yourself, you keep your drama to yourself. Your not looking for someone to rescue you , your looking for a partner.

Second keep your cock sucker closed and your pants on. Because if you give it up to soon, its over your done, you are mush in his hands. You need to restrain yourself so you can see if he is the right one or he is who he says he is.

Married men are the greatest manipulators because they have spent their time being married manipulating their wife, their whole marriage is a lie, their marriage is a scam, and they are looking for a mother figure to take care of them.

We all have our own ideas , we are all different, and while I may not agree with another Dominants views on relationships it is really none of my Business. How you keep your woman inline , your rules if any, your structure if any , your protocols if any , all of that is on you.

The problem is and I have never been able to figure it out, according to other Dominants we are all wrong , we all do not know what we are doing. A lot of Dominants are to quick to criticize and judge and more so to the single Doms who are sitting in front of their computers jacking off.

While I have met a few who are true to the lifestyle here on wordpress, the majority are just what ever they are.

Now if you want a good example of an M’s relationship check out this wordpress blog…

Just read about their relationship and what and who they are about. I think their story is just incredible.

Much Love



3 Responses to “You Dont Have To Respect Me , Fuck You Dont Even Have To Like Me”

  1. Thank you for the link and kind words.

    Oddly enough, I started off doing most of my learning online – through the old Usenet newsgroups ( – which back in the day of the early/mid 90s, the signal to noise ratio was amazing. Well known authors and educators today got started in that old newsgroup.) and through some wonderful people on the old MSN Forums. It was what got me to learn about groups in Chicago that met to talk, got me to find the scene in Chicago and get involved. My first couple of relationships started as online and went to RL – short lived, but that was part of learning kink – learning what worked and what didn’t.

    I think there’s a time and place for online. While I don’t advocate the sole source of learning be online, I think that in context/perspective, it has some good information. Some of the videos I’ve seen, some of the podcasts – like Erotic Awakenings by Dan/dawn who are 24/7 M/s – and some of the webcasts, like the one by Dr. Robert Rubel and his Master Jan on Creative Sexuality website – those are good resources.

    The Cyberdoms… used to call them CHuDWas… CyberHetDomWannabes. 🙂

    • I really appreciate your input and I fully agree with you.
      I think the internet has really changed the lifestyle , I even see the difference in our MAsT groups as well as munchs.

      I spoke to someone not long ago about how things have changed and the reply was you had to let others in or you would have no one to lead.
      Which to me made no sense I would rather lead 5 good fighters into battle than 100 blind men.

      There is a time and place for everything , but it seems the predators are growing rapidly.
      It was not long ago it was really hard for a wannabe to survive in the local community.

      I do remember the old MSN forums as well as the yahoo groups , but it seemed things changed there over night as well.

      I think the local groups are starting to get to lenient in order to keep their numbers up.

      Thank you for your comments they are much appreciated maybe one day we will cross paths.
      I will also check out the materials…

  2. I always have and always will love your honest and truthful position on things Vile

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